Physical Education

  • HL SYN 35 Condor Nylon/Yellow

    HL SYN 35 Condor Nylon/Yellow

    . Durable hi-tech nylon skirt.. Synthetic PU cork head.. Excellent rotation and fight characteristics.. Color- Yellow. Speed- Medium 78' (sea level use) Slow 74' (high altitude use). Great durability and superior flight have made the HL SYN35 Condor the...

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  • Power Plus 80 Coil (Lonfiber)

    Power Plus 80 Coil (Lonfiber)

    . Outer coating. . Polymer fiber wrap. . High modulus fiber core. . 330 ft / 200m.  Enough for 20+ full rackets or countless patches making it the most economical. . Gauge 80. . Maximum string tension 28lbs. . Our strongest most durable...

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