Racket and String Repair

  • HL  Wet Tape

    HL Wet Tape

    . The HL Wet Tape is an over wrap that offers a smooth feel with nice tack and good absorption. . Available in a number of different colors. . Pack of two.

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  • HL Power Plus 72

    HL Power Plus 72

    . Special outer coating.. Braided Co-Polymer fiber wrap.. High Tenacity fiber center core.. 33ft/10m.. Gauge 0.72. Maximum string tension 28lbs.. White.. Great playability and durability have made the HL Power Plus 72 our best selling badminton...

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  • HL Power Plus 80 (Lonfibre)

    HL Power Plus 80 (Lonfibre)

    . Outer Coating.. Co-Polymer fiber wrap.. High modulus fiber center core.. 33ft /10m.. Gauge 80.. Maximum string tension 28lbs.. White.. Our strongest most durable badminton string. Recommended for physical education and tournament use when durability is...

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  • String Repair Awl

    String Repair Awl

    . Rigid chrome-plated heat treated tempered steel shank holds up to repeated use.. Molded nylon handle for maximum comfort.. Tapered rounded tip with protective cap.. Overall lenght 5 1/2". Shank length 2 1/8". Specially designed to aid in all badminton...

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