Grips, Nets, Strings

  • HL  Wet Tape

    HL Wet Tape

    . The HL Wet Tape is an over wrap that offers a smooth feel with nice tack and good absorption. . Available in a number of different colors. . Pack of two.

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  • HL Badminton Tournament Net.

    HL Badminton Tournament Net.

    . International tournament quality badminton nylon net.. Light yet super durable.. Reenforced sides.. Nylon rope top and tie downs.. IBF regulation 20ft. X 2.5 ft.. The perfect badminton net for international competition, your school gym or the backyard.

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  • HL Power Plus 72

    HL Power Plus 72

    . Special outer coating.. Braided Co-Polymer fiber wrap.. High Tenacity fiber center core.. 33ft/10m.. Gauge 0.72. Maximum string tension 28lbs.. White.. Great playability and durability have made the HL Power Plus 72 our best selling badminton...

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  • HL Power Plus 80 (Lonfibre)

    HL Power Plus 80 (Lonfibre)

    . Outer Coating.. Co-Polymer fiber wrap.. High modulus fiber center core.. 33ft /10m.. Gauge 80.. Maximum string tension 28lbs.. White.. Our strongest most durable badminton string. Recommended for physical education and tournament use when durability is...

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  • HL Towel Grip

    HL Towel Grip

    .The HL Towel Grip is a terry cloth grip with adhesive backing.. It offers great absorbency and feel.. It comes in a number of different colors.. Multiple grip roll ( 39 feet long) enough for 20 grips +.

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  •  New HL-Venom replacement grip. NEW two layer technology.

    HL-Venom Grip

    . The HL-Venom grip replaces your old worn out original racket grip.. NEW two layer technology that provides control and feel while keeping your hand dry.. Tacky feel and great absorbency.. Extremely comfortable on the hand.. Availabe in 3 colors...

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