Advanced Rackets

  • HL Aero700

    HL Aero700

    . 100 % carbon graphite racket.. One piece construction.. Isometric wide-body head.. Power-flex shaft.. Power grip.. Professionally strung with Power Plus 73 string.. Includes a full case cover.. Weight- 90 grams.. String tension- 22lbs.. Power and...

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  • HL G5

    . 100% carbon graphite.. One piece construction.. Isometric semi wide-body square tube head.. Medium-flex shaft.. Super grip.. Professionally strung with Power Plus 73.. Full case cover.. Weight- 88 grams.. String tension- 23 lbs.

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  • HL Venom-40

    . Traditional oval shape.. Wide-body head.. 100% graphite one piece construction.. Medium flex.. NEW Venom grip. Two layer technology that gives you good control and   feel while keeping your had dry.. Professionally strung with HL Power-Plus...

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