We began in 1973 under its original name HL International Sports. It started with one product ...the HL Champion shuttlecock. This very special product still sets the standard for all Tournament feather shuttlecocks and for over twenty five years it has remained the #1 tournament shuttle in the USA!

Shortly after the HL Champion...HL expanded into the production of Badminton rackets. Mr. Richard Haglund ( the "H" in HL) one of the founding partners actually invented the process for using graphite fibers in racket production. Thus, the first graphite rackets of any type were the HL Graphite Badminton rackets! Many factories soon discovered the superiority of a graphite based product and "borrowed" this technology to produce graphite rackets for Tennis, etc. Now, of course, graphite is used extensively in sports equipment manufacturing, allowing for a light weight product, greater speed, and power.

HL continues as a company solely operated by experts with more than a combined 100 years experience in tournament and physical education Badminton. We know the many challenges that school, club,and tournament programs face. We understand the critical importance of having the finest quality equipment for the best possible price -- equipment that provides optimum playability AND maximum durability.

We want to see your program and the great sport of Badminton continue to flourish.

We want to continue serving you!!